Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Well almost everyone knows that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day.  I am one half Irish from my Mother's side and one half Italian from my Father's side, I have always felt more Italian than Irish, but on St. Patrick's Day I revel in my Irish heritage.  Now when I lived in Denver, I usually wore a shamrock sweater and other green items.  But here in sunny, warm Phoenix area, those clothes are definitely out, so I made this outfit to wear.  The green shorts came from the thrift store.  I made the t-shirt from two t-shirts I got at Walmart. 
I loved the front of this shirt, but always like to have something on the back of my t-shirt since I believe that people see you both coming and going. 

I did reverse applique on the back of the t-shirt with the front of the second t-shirt I got at Walmart , which worked great.  I also shortened the t-shirt a couple of inches.  For me the shorter, boxier look is better.  The hat I found on clearance last year for $ 1.  Now how could you resist a polka dot hat for a dollar, even though it is not much of a sun hat.  It had to go home with me.  As I was gathering my fashions for St. Pat's Day I ran across this hat and I knew it would be perfect to wear.  The frou-frou on the hat is a combination of items I purchased on St. Patrick's Day clearance at Claire's.  I got many compliments on this outfit which I wore with green polka dot tennis shoes.  I bought the lime green shoes and painted dark green polka dots on them with fabric paints.  Now this is my celebrating being Irish.  My Mama is smiling somewhere. 


  1. Fun outfit! My MIL was Irish/Italian, too. She used to tell stories about the distinct differences between her grandmothers - a lot like Oil and Water.

  2. Maggie, you always amaze me ... I can never think of a better word than "adorable" for you and your outfits!

  3. Maggie, Your outfit is too cute. Thanks for sharing all the places where you purchase your materials.

  4. You are so out of the box. I love this holiday look. Twin 2

  5. Too cute Mom...Love you.