Monday, March 4, 2013

Wig heads revisited

Well some of you might remember that the first blog post I did was of some wig heads that I painted so I had some place to hang my hats and fascinators when I wasn't using them.  I wanted something more interesting that just the white styrofoam wig heads you can get at Hobby Lobby.  The long neck models I ordered on-line.  I had seen a couple of different versions out and about in shops.  This first picture is what that first group looked like.  They were different hair and clothing colors of course.  I liked them very much, but again, I was on a quest to make my faces funkier. 

I needed to paint a few more ( too many hats ) so recently I painted these new ones.  I certainly did a different face, and I think the hair looks different because of the faces.  Now I know that not everyone will like my new faces, but I definitely like them.  I think these new ladies look like they have attitude and we can never have enough of that !!!!!  You would never guess that I love poka dots, checks and stripes.  


  1. Eeeek! Absolutely adorable! Now, I'd love to see some of them wearing your various hats and fascinators!

  2. I will have to do that for next weeks's blog which is going to be on a decorated Easter Hat that I did for a contest

  3.'ve been busy with wig heads! Good to see you crafting.