Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thread Spool Necklace

I haven't blogged in quite awhile.  Always seemed to be something else to do, but recently I have been interested in making jewelry.  I used to do a lot of seed beading, but since my vision isn't what it used to be, now I am enjoy making fiber jewelry.  This necklace was inspired by an article in one of my magazines and used empty thread spools and bobbins.  The original jewelry didn't really appeal to me but it gave me this idea.  Besides what could be better than recycling and using an item that most sewers/quilters have plenty of.

 First I started with an empty, plastic, thread spool, heavy felt or peltex, and crushed velvet that I probably got at the thrift store

 I measured the felt and wrapped it tightly around the spool and hand stitched it in place.

 I cut the velvet about an inch larger than the spool, and a couple of inches longer than the spool. The  fleece was cut slightly smaller and I used that on the back of the velvet.  I measured the amount of space I thought would be seen and embellished that area.  There was no need to embellish more than that area since only that would be seen. I couched down some threads both heavy and lighter.  I used button, beads and sequins.

 This is the back. The fleece also gave it a fluffier look.  I cut the fleece down close to the size of the spool.  Then I wrapped the velvet piece again tightly around the spool.  Lined everything up, trimmed and hand stitched the fabric closed.  I then trimmed the sides of the velvet down about 1/4" past the edge of the thread spool and ran a gathering stitch around the edge of the 1/4" of velvet and pulled it tight around the edge of the spool and tied it off.

 To finish the sides of the spool, I cut a circle of fleece just slightly larger than the spool and put it inside a circle of black velvet.  I decided that I would need a hole for the necklace strap and also a hole for the fringe.  The only colored grommets I have are small, so I used it for the fringe which I decided would be the center hole of the thread spool which is totally round. I decided that the thread spool would work better if I used a top section of the thread spool for the strap.  Those sections are not totally round. After putting the grommets in, I ran a running hand stitch around the outside edges of the circles and gathered the fabric and tied it off. Then I hand sewed the circles to the top and bottom of the thread spool.  

This is the finished piece before the fringe and necklace strap were done. The skewer is in the top hole of the thread spool where the necklace strap will be.  You can see that the hole lines up so the embellished area is what you see.

 The necklace strap is made with E beads and a double strand of fireline so I could get it through the grommet hole.  I put the fringe on a heavy beading wire so it would stand out from the thread spool instead of droop. 

 I love how it turned out and how it looks.  Can't wait for cooler weather to wear it.  I think I might make another black one.  I have some great black embellished velvet from the thrift store ready to use. Hope this inspires you to try one of these recycled thread spool necklaces of your very own.