Monday, September 5, 2016

Halloween Fashion Fun

 Halloween happens to be one of my favorite times of the year for fashion fun. October has 31 days and I enjoy dressing for almost every single day. Some of the things I have made in the last couple of weeks are these bags that started out as  three separate bags (above) that I bought on sale before Halloween last fall for one dollar each.
 These are the nylon mesh type bags like animal food bags material. The bags had the picture of Frankenstein on one side and the Bride of Frankenstein on the other side. I took the binding off one side of two bags. Sewed the two bags together so the different pictures were on each side. I used the straps on the two bags to make straps for the one big bag. I really love how it turned out and this bag will be super fun to take shopping .
 Several years ago, when my husband I were traveling we saw a woman who had a fabulous purse with I believe Frankenstein or Dracula on the bag. I believe that she said she got it at Universal Studios. Anyway we really like it. So with this third bag I decided to make a purse. I took all the bindings off and cut it down. Sewed it back together.
 I added a purple nylon rip-stock quilted lining for more stability. I also added a zipper for a closure and now I have a fabulous purse that only cost me a dollar. I had the rest of the supplies in my stash. Of course the Bride of  Frankenstein is on the other side.
 Now for some Halloween clothing. Here in Phoenix, October still has temperatures in the 90's and shorts are still a definite part of my wardrobe. I took a pair of plain black shorts and cut out these appliques and did a loose zig zag stitch. I prefer that more relaxed look over a regular dense applique zig zag stitch. I used treat bags that I got at the Dollar store last year for my simple applique patterns.
 I always feel people see you coming and going, so you should give them something to look at from the back. Here is the back of my shorts.
 I made this Halloween hat earlier this week. With my shorts, I will be totally styling in my Halloween fashion.
 My Mr. Partner in Crime also likes to have fun with me. I bought two of these shirts for him last year and used reverse applique to put the second shirt on the back. When we were in Disneyland last October, some man came over and was talking to Mr. Partner in Crime about his shirt. He said that his friend had the same shirt, but his friend's did not have anything on the back. Mr. Partner In Crime told him the back of his shirt was courtesy of his wife. And of course we love our bat hats. We wear these all month.
Finally here is my Halloween Day fashion. I love wearing this ensemble. The skirt was made with my t-shirt applique technique which is very easy to do. As you can see, I have fun during October.