Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funky Aprons

This post is about my continuing journey to more funkieness in my creative work.  Now some people would ( and have said ) is that possible, and my answer is a resounding yes!!!  I have a dear friend in Memphis, who gave me a couple of boxes of vintage linens about three years ago.  When I went through the boxes, I found quite a few long aprons.  When I mentioned it to her, she told me they belonged to her grandfather who was a butcher.  I decided that I would give her a couple of aprons back decorated in some way when I returned to Memphis last fall.  First of all my friend is 5 feet nothing, so I cut about 10" off the bottom.  From that I made the back ties.  I used buttons from the button jar that was also in the vintage linens she gave me to attach the back ties to the apron.  Then I painted both aprons. 

I drew out my designs on paper and transferred the design to the apron by ziz-zaging in small black stitching through the paper onto the apron.  I then painted the design with fabric paint.  After I finished the painting I did another heavier ziz-zag over the first to act as a bold outline.  I really love both aprons, but I must admit to a fondness for the lady.  I love her.  I have been searching for a face and body that would be a signature for me and I think this character is definitely going in the right direction, and the flowers are definitely more free than I have ever been able to accomplish before.  I also will say that these aprons are separated from the chairs about two months and there is a marked difference in the faces that I drew.  I finished by heat setting.

Monday, February 18, 2013

painted furniture

I have not posted anything in several months.  I have lots to share, but I just don't understand my blog well enough, I guess.  My son has been here on a visit and he has helped me a great deal in understanding this blog.  Hopefully, I will be better at how I post.  This post is about some chairs I painted  back in May.  They were blond wood.  I first painted a coat of primer.  Then I painted the chairs and sealed them with a sealer. 

The chair seats I enjoyed doing very much.  I primed the canvas with gesso and then free hand drew the faces on the canvas.  These faces were so much fun.  I have been interested in faces for several years, and feel like they are evolving so much.  These faces are funkier than the ones I have drawn and painted before and I feel so much more confident with them.  Elineor Piece Bailey once told me to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE to develope the skill and that has definitely helped me.  I have come a long way with drawing faces in two years considering at that time I couldn't draw them at all.  I finished the canvas seat covers with a couple coats of scotchguard and so far so good.

These are the finished chairs.  The chairs themselves were alot of work.  The faces not.  I have enjoyed having them at my kitchen counter and have received many compliments on them.  I feel they are add to the funkieness of my home decor.