Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweater Coats

This week I am posting about some sweater coats/jackets I have made recently. They are a combination of Katwise sweatercoats and Barb Callahan garments. You can google katwise and see her wonderful creations. Katwise only believes in using wool sweaters and Barb Callahan uses a combination of t-shirts and sweaters. I have come to the conclusion from putting two jackets together, that I have no problem of using t-shirts, but I only want to use the heavy t-shirts and the bottom bands should be sweaters. The weight of the sweaters help weigh the skirt down. The black and white jacket came together just fine. It was the second sweater jacket I made. I learned alot from making the purple/pink/blues jacket. The purple/pink jacket I have redone twice. If I wasn't in love with the top sweater that I used, I would just junk the jacket and start over again. I do like it better this second time I have worked on it. I have come to the conclusion that I really like having a closure on the jackets and like the tabs type closures. In the black and white jacket I used the exsisting sweater tabs and it worked wonderfully. But what to do when the sweater you use for the top part of the jacket is a pullover such as the pink/purple/blue jacket. I ended up on the second redue putting a tab taken from a heavy t-shirt jacket with interesting ribbing. I think it worked pretty well. I definitely would leave out the bold striped sweater in the skirt. In fact I might think of re doing it a third time and take out that striped piece. Who Knows????


  1. You are all ready for Christmas. Good for you.

  2. Lov the black outfit. Doing this for the first time with twin 2 iPad. Twin1