Monday, February 13, 2012

Altered sweater

I am in love with all things polka dots, well maybe not all combination of colors of polka dots, but I always check them out when I see them. I found this pull on, polka dot, cotton/ ramie sweater at the thrift store. I loved the bold colors of both the sweater and polka dots. Unfortunately the polka dots were covered with sequins and it was a pullover which I don't like for all sorts of reason. First I cut off all the sequins and then I washed and dried the sweater, which by the way, did some shrinking, which I did not expect. Thankfully it was larger than I needed so that did not become a problem that had to be fixed. I then cut the sweater down the center front and applied single fold, purchased, bias tape. I sometimes make my own binding and use it decoratively, but decided against that this time. Then I put in a sport zipper that makes a pullover a slip on. Easy, Peasy. I love that. Can't wait to wear this sweater/jacket, which will be this week in fact.


  1. I love the dots on the sweater and the zipper. It makes it so much more wearable.

  2. Oh I have sooo much to learn from you!!