Monday, March 27, 2017

Jacket Adventure

After I made the graphics t-shirt dress in the below blog, I decided that I wanted to make a t-shirt graphic jacket to wear with the dress.The first thing was collecting the t-shirts, which I had left from the dress project. I wanted to use more colors in the jacket than I did in the dress because some of the t-shirts that I had were wonderful and had more colors in them. The next thing  was to find a pattern that I thought would work the best to display the graphics on the t-shirts. This Butterick pattern is from the 1980's I believe. One thing about the old patterns is that they only contained one size vs the newer patters which have multiple sizes in one envelope. My measurements worked with this medium pattern measurements, but as you will often find, the measurements don't always tell the story about how the pattern will fit. This pattern was too big and I did have to make some adjustments.
After I got the jacket designed and pieced like I did the dress, I put the pieces together and decided the jacket was too wimpy.   

               This top picture shows the jacket top front and backs pieced. The solid black is the wrong side
I decided that to give the jacket more body, I would do an interlining. You could use a muslin but I decided to use a batiste, which is a lighter weight fabric. I wanted more body but not weight. This picture shows the interlining. I also put in a black lining.

This picture shows the pieced front and back bottom pinned to the interlining. After putting the jacket together, I finished the jacket edges with a cotton quilt binding.  For me that is the easiest way to finish off the edges of my  garments. lined or not lined. I added buttons and buttonholes.

This is the back finished jacket.

The nice thing about this jacket is that I can wear it with many different pieces of my wardrobe. Here it is with leggings.

Here is the jacket with my t-shirt graphics dress

Back view of the jacket with leggings. I love how this jacket turned out and I have worn it a couple of times and love how fun it is.  Now I have my Mr. Partner In Crimes's matching t-shirt.


  1. Maggie, you are amazing. Someone needs to give you one of those genius awards!!!

  2. your are so adorably creative and your wardrobe is wonderful and one of a kind. glad you can share your creation and be a wild and crazy gal! And that's especially good in my book!!