Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Painted furniture 2016

 I have been excited about making this post since I am very excited about my painted furniture. I only work on these painted funky pieces in the springtime, usually in April and May when I can work both inside and outside here in Arizona. Anyway, I want to start with the lamp that I started and posted about last  spring. I lived with this lamp all winter, really all year with the little pieces of blue painters tape. I got lots of suggestions last spring, but I decided it needed something.
 What else but my favorite black and white checks. I did decide that uneven circular checks would be more pleasing to the eye. My Partner In Crime and I looked at this for a couple of weeks and first we said that it was great this way. Then I put the flowers back on it and I asked my Partner In Crime his opinion (I of course already had one) and he said he like the flowers on it. So here is the finished lamp below and we love how it turned out. The small box to the side of the lamp, I painted last spring and it hold some of my favorite fabric post cards.
 Next is this white bookcase that is in our bedroom. This is new and the surface was slick. I used sandpaper to scruff up the surface so the paint would adhere and washed it down with TSP.
 Here is the top in progress. I didn't use any fabric on this piece and not using fabric was a definite departure for me. This picture shows how I drew in my design in pencil so I knew where to paint.
 This picture shows the top painted but no separating lines to define the design and no shading to add depth. I might add that I hate to do shading but there is no doubt that it makes a difference. I  should of added shading on the lamp stripes but I didn't.
 Here is the shading, and the designs that I created. I also used stencils which I have not played with very much. I did like the way the stencils helped my design process.
 One of the bookcase sides in the creative progress
 The other side of the bookcase in progress
 The above side finished. Again using stencils and of course the black and white checks that I love.
 The other side of the bookcase finished.
 This is the front of the bookcase
 The finished top of the bookcase. Now this bookcase was designed to go in the same room as the big chest I painted last year and they look great together and my craft and art books look great in this bookcase.
 This table is the second piece. I had to also sand this piece and washed it down with TSP.  I used two coats of Kilz Latex 2 which covers the dark color of the wood.
 This is the table top in progress. I used painters tape to paint the strips. You can see the tape still on the table in the top section of the table. I painted black and white checks (what else) in the white areas.
 Here is the finished top. I used fabric for the designs and also continued my use of the stencils. As you can also see, I painted blue checks in the top section which I thought broke up the large expanse of the table top. I absolutely love the way this table turned out. Unfortunately a problem that I have discovered is that this table (and all the tops of my pieces) usually have something on top so you can't see the designs. This table was also supposed to go in my bedroom but I am rethinking where I want to put it so hopefully I will be able to keep the top cleared off because as I said, I really love this piece.
 Here is a side view of the table. The whole piece is fabulous. At least in my opinion.
 The third piece I worked on this spring painting session is this fabulous retro lamp. I found this at a garage sale for $5 last summer in Sheridan, Wyoming. A man was clearing out his Mother's estate. I just couldn't resist it. My Partner In Crime couldn't believe that I bought it, much less that he needed to bring it back to Phoenix but I had plans for this lamp.
 Well this was the first idea I had. It just wasn't working for me or for my Partner In Crime. This piece was going to go in our living room where the top lamp was residing.
 Here is the top with a new painted design. I used the painters tape to make the strips.
 One design that I tried using floral fabrics. It was okay. Nothing to get excited about.
 Here is the finished top using different floral fabrics. I also used the stencils for a layered design.
A full view of the lamp. My Partner In Crime put the lamp shade from the top lamp on this lamp and I like it. When we get a new lamp shade, I will probably make it similar to this one which I think looks great with this piece.

What I learned this painting session is that #1, I really love using fabric in my pieces. To me it just makes the pieces more interesting. Although I also love the bookcase which is only painted. #2, Creating these furniture pieces is not easy for me. I have to work on the major design parts. #3, I found out that my children think that these pieces are art and they are very impressed with their Mama. How wonderful is that? #4, I have to remember that in my house the tops of tables always have something on them so perhaps I shouldn't create a design on the tops that I love so much I don't want them covered. #5, My Partner In Crime says that he is afraid that I just might paint him. While he doesn't always see my vision, he likes what I create. I already have my projects for next spring painting session. My Partner In Crime can hardly wait !!!!


  1. Maggie, these are all fabulous! You have such a good eye for color and design. Thank you for sharing your process.

  2. Wonderful - each and every one. Especially like the shading. I think you should open your home for tours...:)

  3. applause! applause! Great designs. I know what you mean about the tops having stuff on them... I don't know a way around that since every horizontal surface in our house has stuff on it. I so enjoyed this post. Now that the painted portion of the year is done, will you return to clothing? Make sure to put pictures of your design process for those of us clothing impaired types. LeeAnna

  4. FABULOUS! ! ! You are so creative. Your work just gets better and beter. I can't even imagine the hours it took to paint those designs so perfectly. Have you thought about doing a book of your designs?

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I say I love these!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maggie, I am also a fan of black and white checks, and have many pieces of ceramics I have painted with them, and with cherries. I love black and white stripes, the contrast between black and bright colors, painted wood, etc. So this speaks to me. I love how you share your process, and also your trial (not and error) along the way. It is so helpful to others who think we artists are just "born" knowing exactly what we want to create and with the talent to complete them, yet the reality is there's so much learning and experimentation and often boo-boos along the way.

  7. WOW! your rescued furniture has taken on a lighthearted artiness to delight children of all ages!I Love your CAN DO attitude and one of a kind garments, rescued and revived!!

  8. Great job, Maggie. I love your thought process! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  9. Divine! The process and the results. Can't wait for the next project.

  10. These are lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Holy Guacamole! And you know I mean that! ;^)