Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This post is about IPad covers.  I really like to have unusual items and I really love this IPad cover which can be adapted for the Kindle and the Nook, both of which I have done.  You need to start with a hard back book.  I got mine at our library used book store and the books already had the library book jacket cover on them.  You can buy the library book jacket covers on-line pretty cheap, but it is worth trying your library first.  You cut out the guts of the book at the spine.  Some books are easier to work with than others.  You need to do some measuring so you can cover the inside of the book.  I use fun foam from the hobby store for the padding and it works really well.  You can sew through it and I also used nylon ripstock for the fabric.   I used Aileen's OK To Wash it glue to glue the whole center to the book.  I have found it really works to adhere fabric to surfaces.  The last thing I did was used gromets on the elastic edges.  I feel that is a weak area and needs reinforcement.  The gromets I used were from the Tandy Leather store.  They are finished on both sides and easy to put in. 

This is the view of the Ipad and center of the book cover.

I also put elastic from the front of the book to slide the back of the book. This keeps the whole cover together so it doesn't fall open if you drop it.

One of the great things about these book covers is that your IPad/kindle/Nook doesn't look like  those items.  If you have them sitting on your car seat etc, they look just like a book.  I made a friend a Nook cover and she had it sitting on the a night table in her room.  Someone broke into her home and took almost everything, even things that had no value.  They even took her Nook cord and plug but left her Nook on the bedside table.  She feels they did this because they thought it was a book.  These covers are fun to do.  I love finding cute books to use.


  1. Great idea! I'm going to make one - thanks! -Janet

  2. I am glad that you are going to make one, Janet. Any questions email me and I will help you out as much as I can. Maggie

  3. Great idea Maggie. Wonderful lateral thinking.

  4. How clever, and what a great idea. Sad, though, to need to disguise a Kindle to keep from having it stolen. I've had a Kindle since they first came out, and this year my daughter gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I'm glad to have your detailed instructions available, and might consider trying to make one.