Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I am going to talk about shoes. Wonderful, glorious shoes. I love painting and decorating shoes, but I am not going to talk about that. At least not today. Today I want to address shoes that don't fit. I may have a solution for shoes that are too big or perhaps too small. I found a pair of really cute American fabric canvas boat shoes in a catalog. .At least that is what I call this style. Unfortunately that is not a style that usually fits me, but what the heck. They were so cute. I was hoping that these shoes might be different. When I got them, no luck. They were the right lenght, but TOO big around the width of my foot. So I got busy. I have done this technique before with leather shoes and working on the canvas shoes were much easier to do.

I use metal grommets that I purchase at JoAnns. I get them in the package with the little metal tool you use with a hammer. Decide where on the side of the shoe you would like to have the grommets. Mark them with a pen or chalk. I then use a awl to pierce the fabric. You might need to clean up the fabric hole with a small pair of scissors to enlarge the hole to fit the grommets. Install the grommets. Then lace up with a long shoe lace. They fit me great and I actually think they are cuter than before.


  1. Maggie you are smart as well as beautiful! Great idea!

  2. Thanks Linda, I hate to lose a good pair of cute shoes. I like Tim Gunn's MAKE IT WORK. I try to live by that motto.

  3. I like the shoes Maggie. I was able to pull up your blog on my iPad and check out your new posts.